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Getting Police and NBI Clearances in (Iloilo) Philippines

| July 3, 2009 | 12 Comments

Recently I need to Police and NBI clearance as required for pre-employment assessment. I’ve searched all throughout the webspace looking for the requirements and processes on procuring these permits but to found out that it somehow differs from place to place. So I decided to make an article on the procedures based on my experience in getting clearances in Iloilo and these may also be true in the entire country.

Police Clearance

Police Clearance


1. Barangay Clearance (Php10.00) – Get this from the barangay where you currently reside.

2. CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate) – Get this from the City Hall. In Iloilo you can have it also from Lapaz Market Office at the second floor or at the Hall of Justice. The fee depends on the income you declare.

3. City/ Municipal Court Clearance (Php50.00) – Get this from the Hall of Justice City Court Division. Please note that other Police Stations as some people would tell me, don’t require this. And please note also that the cashier at the Hall of Justice beside the City Court hall is very rude, maybe she doesn’t know that we are paying for her salary.

4. Police Clearance – In Iloilo you can apply for this at the Police Station 1 at Gen. Luna St., fronting University of San Agustin. It will be released on the following day.

Clearance Fee = Php100.00

Picture = Php60.00 (They don’t accept 2×2 picture from you, you need to pay Php60)

NBI Clearance

NBI Iloilo

Securing your NBI Clearance would be difficult at times because there are long queues and in experience, employees on this department in Iloilo are quite not approachable. I already have my NBI Clearance before but then I need to renew it as its validity is only good for one year. For clearance renewal in Iloilo, you can head directly to NBI Renewal Center located at Gaisano City Lapaz to avoid long queues but there are limitations with the transactions. They are only limited to renewal, change of address and purpose, other than that you need to go to an NBI Regional Office 6 in Fort San Pedro (Iloilo City) or at the nearest location to your area.

For the complete list of NBI Offices click here.

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  • Nhebristow23

    well, It’s so very disappointing in getting police clearance here in iloilo since it takes almost 4 days before you get the clearance although there are only few people requesting for police clearance. What if you badly needed that clearance ASAP… I think they better improve their systems…. 

  • Janbill Jerusalem

    Eddie Mendoza gali ni… classmate ko ni sang college…

    • Junnjun Mendoza

      Hehe. Musta meg?? 

  • Kei_dean

    I am not sure if this is only a hiccup on my part but I can not open all of the links you posted.  Thank you for the information but please check the links you posted.

    • Junnjun Mendoza

      Just updated the links…

  • Franny

    Getting Clearance at NBI Iloilo sucks!

  • Neoclay

    very disappointing indeed, despite of their salary from our tax, we have to pay for them for their services. I call this “DOUBLE JEOPARDY”.

  • mermer

    So many idiots people outside NBI building ILOILO watching for people coming out from the office of NBI asking to have some spare amount for their financing needs in basketball liga. But in this case, you think they have games everyday? it seems they wont stop asking since 5years ago until now. calling your attention pls. NBI employees pls clean ur surroundings. dirty & Lousy. 

  • Beny G. Gomez

    how much ang nbi sa iloilo po?

  • Beny G. Gomez

    350 ba ang nbi sa iloilo?

  • EMO


  • richard bernabe

    P115 for NBI Clearance