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The Breathtaking Moroboro Dam in Dingle, Iloilo

| June 3, 2010 | 1 Comment

The quite town of Dingle (pronounced as ding-le) in the province of Iloilo boosts with numerous tourists destinations. One of it is  Moroboro Dam known for the scenic view of the river when you are atop this gigantic water dike. Moroboro Dam is located in Barangay Moroboro a few-minute bumpy ride from the town’s proper. Enjoy a fun yet tricky walk experience while crossing the bridge way to the other end of the dike looking underneath the strong current of the water filtered from the mountains.

Moroboro Dam in Dingle

In addition, you can have a picturesque view of the old suspension bridge nearby which adds more to the scenic experience with nature in Dingle.

Frequent visitors to Moroboro Dam are students on educational field trips and many others who want to enjoy this breathtaking experience. No entrance or some environmental fees to be paid before you get in; just enjoy your visit free!

How to get there:

From Iloilo City take a Dingle bound jeepney and from Dingle town proper you can take a tricycle ride going to Moroboro Dam. Don’t forget to peek on Dingle’s majestic Church before leaving and you might want to have a pitstop at the Cry of Lincud Heroes Park on your way to Moroboro Dam. You can have the tricycle wait for you to bring you back to the town proper.

Moroboro Dam in Dingle

Moroboro Dam in Dingle

Old Suspension Bridge in Dingle The Old Suspension Bridge in Dingle, Iloilo

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  • pao

    Hi, would like to know if the sun rise infront of the church or at the back?